QuestionYes, but I will leave you with your work, lest you need something. *She Turns to trot off* Answer

"Yes, Queen." Pineapple then goes back to working.

QuestionHmm? Well, that is just odd. Well, my dear, I simply wanted you to do a job for the community, not some sort of sexual riff-raff. Very well, you have my word that you shall not do anything /that/ intimate, though you shall still do your job for the community, and Frau shall supervise. Answer

Pineapple does a small salute to Lumina. “Yes, Queen. I just don’t want to go that far with anything.”

QuestionInvolving what? Be more specific, for I am old and not as 'hip' as I used to be. Answer

"The.. uh." Pineapple clears her throat. "Sex thing with Frau, Queen. Not that I don’t like her, it’s just that I don’t really like that stuff at all."

QuestionVery well, I am listening. Answer

Pineapple puts a hoof on her gas mask, embarrassed and mumbles out, “Can you promise not to give me any punishment involving.. that?”

QuestionAh, yes, I have come to check on your progress. And I see you have made some already! Answer

Pineapple nods the Queen, looking a down a little. “Can I make a small request, Queen?”


Really pineapple? What is wrong with you? I could destroy an entire army and you threaten me with a lasgun! Besides, i was just showing it to you… *gets back in* Have fun being a foot soldier! *flies off*

"Caution is a good thing to have, Soarin’. Don’t try to blow up while you are at it."


Yo! Whats up? Its me, Soarin!

Pineapple readies her gun right at the thing.

"That is interesting, Citizen, but stepping out the vehicle would be a lot better."

Question*Lumina steps up to her, observing whatever she is doing* Soldier. Answer

Pineapple saluted to the Queen. 

"Something you need, Ma’am? I like to be alone for somethings, if you don’t mind."

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queenfrau Asked
Question"Yes! Just roll over it with the mower, and it'll cut as the wheels spin!" Answer

" Yes, Frau." Pineapple does as told and gets out the lawnmower, moving it over the grass and such. " This is how it goes, right?"

queenfrau Asked
Question"No, no, it's fine! I'm happy to help!" Frau steps outside, and points to a rickety old shed. "There's no lock, you can waltz right in and grab a lawnmower." Answer

Pineapple nods to Frau, going up to the shed and opening it. ” Alright, Frau. You want all of it cut, correct? I never actually did this before, too.”